About Running for the River

i am a runner.

It took me a long time to place myself into that category, since I am not a pro, or even anywhere near competitive with any pro athletes. But I've run a couple marathons, I enjoy running, and that makes me a runner.

I love the idea of running for a cause, the feeling that each step you take can accomplish something. On July 4, 2012, I will be running a marathon for the McKenzie River Trust. This organization represents two things for me. First, it is an organization meant to protect the land around the McKenzie river, land which brought the ultimately joy to my late stepfather. Running for McKenzie River Trust is one way for me to remember and honor him.

Second, the mission of Mckenzie River Trust is one that I strongly support.The McKenzie River Trust protects and cares for special lands and the rivers that flow through them in western Oregon.
  • Protecting special lands. The McKenzie River Trust acquires property interests in land with clear public benefits to ensure that those values will be available to people for many generations.
  • Restoring natural systems. The Trust works to enhance and reestablish the native vegetation, water cycles and other functional ecosystem elements appropriate to the places we protect.
  • Connecting people to places they care about. The Trust provides site tours, education events, demonstration and research sites, and information about the projects it manages to encourage public support for conservation efforts throughout the region.
Running for McKenzie River Trust is a way to protect and preserve an ecosystem that produces clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and productive natural landscapes. Please help me in support of McKenzie River Trust by visiting the donations page and contributing toward my goal.