Monday, June 4, 2012

Damn you, Bose!

Just got an email from Bose, titled "Give Dad Bose sound. Get great values."

Timmy's Bose was one of his favorite things. I remember that he and I were the only ones who could hook it up to the TV and change it to run video games, the dvd player, etc.

He would turn it up so loud for action movies because he loved hearing the bullets fly.

My mom always used it to listen to Pink Floyd's the Wall. She'd try to get me to dance, I would be sheepish, and Timmy would dance with her to make up for it.

Bose's email made me remember these things, made me realize that Timmy isn't around for this father's day, and right now I am crying like a baby, at my desk at work.

Just a reminder that I need to double and redouble my running efforts and get ready to face the marathon.

Our fundraising is up to $2252, just $368 away. Actually, we're closer than that because I know that there is one donation from JDerek that hasn't been added and a check from my dad that is on its way. That's less than the cost of Timmy's Bose, we can do it!

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