Friday, March 2, 2012

Big News!

First, congratulations to everyone who has donated, and pushed us over the $1,000 goal. Anyone who knows Timmy, knows that enough is never enough, and that you always take the next step. To that end, I have updated the goal to $100 per mile - a total of $2620 - so we can keep those DONATIONS coming in!

PS - McKenzie River Trust has a matching gift campaign going on in March. It's not directly related to my run, but all donations they receive, including those they get through our marathon site (up to an overall Trust total of $5,000), will be matched by Mountain Rose Herbs. That means that every dollar you donate will bring $2 in benefits to the Trust. So if you like a deal, double your money before March 31!

And McKenzie River Trust deserves congratulations as well... on March 1, they announced the protection of the Coyote Spencer Wetlands. Wetlands, apparently, are often compared to coral reefs or rainforests for the diversity of life that they support, because they are exceptionally productive ecosystems, with a huge variety of plant, bird, and wildlife species. For example, bear, mountain lion, bobcat, deer, and elk have all been seen in the wetlands. The Trust posted on their website that "Our newest protected landscape, the Coyote Spencer Wetlands, is a testament to your past gifts." The money we raise in Timmy's memory will help them continue their mission to protect these and other lands in Western Oregon, and I am so happy to be able to report the good news of their acquisition of this new property!

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  1. Hey Steven, We're thrilled you met your initial goal and bumped your new goal even higher! We really appreciate all your friends and family who have donated to support you, remember Tim, and make a difference in the McKenzie watershed and the 7 other watersheds in western Oregon where we work!

    Thanks for the kudos about the Coyote Spencer Wetlands. Conservation projects take years of legwork, which makes it particularly exciting to complete a major acquisition. Can't wait to meet you and get you and your family out on the ground on one of our protected properties!

    -Liz Lawrence, MRT Operations Manager