Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cougar Reservoir

One look at the beauty of the reservoir in the summer, and it's easy to see why Tim loved being out here.

Not only are you completely surrounded by incredible beauty and lush greenery... but...

There is also mud to play in (don't worry, ATVs are allowed here).

Anyone who has known me since I was a kid, knows that I am a big, nerdy, geeky, nerd-geek. My sister and I used to go on the go-carts at amusement parks, and I would slow down because I was afraid I would crash around the corners. Growing up, my brother and Tim went bungee jumping, and everyone knew that was something I could never do.

Then one day a friend somehow convinced me to go skydiving. And I did. And my life changed. Next thing I knew, I was riding ATVs with Tim, and stuck in the mud in the picture above.

We did have a lot of fun there...


and Tim did pull me out of the mud, just as he pulled out everyone else who ever went with him, and anyone he met along the way. Somehow he never managed to get stuck, and always managed to be there to help, or to retrieve someone from the bottom of the mountain. After all, he loved the river, and he wanted everyone else to be around, to experience it, and to love it too.

Tim and I after a fun day at the reservoir

PS - We're about half way to the new fundraising goal, and your donations to McKenzie River Trust will still be matched in the month of March, so it's like getting double for your money when you DONATE.

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  1. Hey Steven great post, great photos and video! Have you ever seen that reservoir in the winter? Looks really different :)

    Many thanks to your friends and family who have donated to the McKenzie River Trust. Your support is an inspiration!

    -Liz Lawrence, MRT Operations Manager